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Global News Podcast
The day's top stories from BBC News compiled twice daily in the week, once at weekends.
Fareed Zakaria GPS
Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a comprehensive look at foreign affairs and global policies through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and fascinating roundtable discussions.
World Story of the Day : NPR
NPR's top daily news about world events, politics, economy, and culture. Download the World Story of the Day podcast.
Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.
The Irish Times World View Podcast
The Irish Times' unrivalled foreign affairs coverage, now brought to you in weekly podcast form. Hosted by Chris Dooley with regular contributors Patrick Smyth, Denis Staunton, Simon Carswell, Lara Marlowe, Suzanne Lynch, Derek Scally, Paddy Agnew, Tom Hennigan, Clifford Coonan and Ruadhan Mac Cormaic.
Amanpour is CNN International's flagship global affairs interview program hosted by Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour.
The World This Week
What's been happening around the world and why it matters
We’re living in a confusing and scary time, bombarded everyday with stories from around the world and here at home that are hard to even follow, let alone fully understand. Worldly will be your guide to the story behind the stories and to the one thing you need to understand each week to make sense of the world around you.
Reuters World News – Spoken Edition
Late breaking world news from every corner of the globe at Reuters, your online source for international news coverage. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
United Nations Radio » itunes
CBC News: World Report
World Report is news that has broken overnight with a look ahead to the day's expected events.
Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk
Presented by Andrew Mueller, this is Monocle 24’s flagship global-affairs show featuring interviews with political leaders and in-depth analysis of the big issues of the day. Featured as a ‘best classic podcast’ in the iTunes best of 2016 collection.
The Fifth Floor
A fresh look at the stories of the week with journalists from our 27 language sections, with presenter David Amanor.
The Phileas Club
World news, the "not boring" way: get the news at the source!People from around the world tell you what has been making the news in their country, both locally and internationally. Heated arguments and silly discussions ensue... The Phileas Club is a show about different cultures and opinions coming together and talking it out.
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific brings you news and in-depth coverage of regional issues in Asia and the Pacific. Presented by Sen Lam.
Pacific Review
A comprehensive roundup of the major stories from the region and the people involved and affected by them. Presented by Bruce Hill.
FSN World News Podcast
FSN World News Podcast: Feature Story News updates the headlines around the clock with reports from our bureaus around the world.
World News Analysis
A 40 min World and China News analysis per day brings you the stories behind the headlines. Topics worth discussing; Debate worth listening; Ideas worth spreading.
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Projected results in Germany show dramatic losses for the two main parties, and the emergence of the right-wing nationalist party. Also, the government in Myanmar says it's discovered a mass grave in Rakhine state which contains the bodies Hindus who were killed by Rohingya militants; millions of Kurds in northern Iraq are expected to vote on f ...…
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been re-elected for a fourth term, according to exit polls. But the far right AfD party is also projected to gain seats in the Bundestag for the first time. Razia Iqbal in Berlin hears reactions from all the major parties.(Photo: CDU leader Angela Merkel looks to her challenger Martin Schulz of the SPD (r) an ...…
CBC News: World Report for 2017/09/24
Fareed gives his take on President Trump's fiery UNGA speech. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif discusses the future of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani tells Fareed about his somewhat unlikely friendliness with President Trump and offers his opinion on Trump's new plan for his region.GUESTS: Javad Zarif, Ashraf Ghani…
Rescue efforts in Mexico are hampered by a magnitude 5.9 aftershock off the west coast five days after a major shock killed more than 300 people.Also in the programme: New Zealand's kingmaker and Liv Ullmann on Ingmar Bergman(Picture: A girl hugs a Mexican marine officer as she offers hugs to people near the site of a collapsed building after a ...…
Christiane Amanpour speaks exclusively with French President Emmanuel Macron in his first international interview. On the Iran nuclear negotiations which France helped to negotiate, he says withdrawing from it would be a, 'big mistake.' President Macron also talks about the fight against nationalism, Paris climate accord and North Korea.…
US Bombers fly close to North Korea's east coast. North Korea's foreign minister tells UN that sanctions won't force his country to change its nuclear policy. Also, hundreds of civilians flee from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Zambia because of increased violence.
US bombers fly off the coast of North Korea after 3.5 tremor detected near the country's nuclear test site. Also in the programme: Newshour in Germany on the eve of its elections; and Massive protests against President Macron's labour law in France. (Photo: US Air Force B-1B Lancer receiving fuel. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)…
Iranian state TV has shown the launch of the new medium range Khorramshar ballistic missile - just days after President Trump lambasted Iran at the UN General Assembly. Also in the programme: Could an earthquake in North Korea indicate a fresh weapons test? And the Royal Shakespeare Company sells off thousands of costumes. Photo: A Khorramshahr ...…
When Hungary and Poland joined the EU in 2004 hopes were high for the newest members. But as Europe itself goes through a troubled period they have started to lean away from the liberalism they once craved during Soviet rule. Is this a sign of things to come or will the pendulum swing back in Europe’s favour?…
A new report says we have longer than we thought to avert climate change. But we still have to do the work... Also in this edition: the Spanish state cracks down on Catalonia; how the Guptas are becoming a toxic brand for big business in South Africa; the British prime minister sets out her vision for Brexit; and why young people in Germany lik ...…
Theresa May calls for a 2 year transition period after Britain leaves the EU. Also, we look ahead to the German elections, we report from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and visit an exhibition celebrating the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
As the war or words between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump escalates, the North Korean foreign minister, Ri Yong-ho, has suggested that Pyongyang is considering the 'strongest hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific'. We ask Professor Vipin Narang, and expert in nuclear proliferation and strategy at the MIT, how seriously we should take North Korea's H ...…
Arab States and UNHCR sign agreement to address refugee crisis The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) and the League of Arab States (LAS) signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding on Friday, to respond more effectively to the region's refugee crisis. The agreement includes better humanitarian access and emergency response to the predicament of refugee ...…
A UN worker in Geneva who is from one of the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Maria has spoken of her fears for her family there, whom she has been unable to contact. Sylvie Castonguay, who works for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva, was speaking after the Category Four hurricane hit Dominica at [...]…
Listen to our daily bulletin of news and features from the United Nations, presented by Dianne Penn and Matt Wells. In today's programme: the UN Coordinator in Yemen urges all sides to "just stop the war"; and why a peace deal is crucial to ending South Sudan crisis: we hear from the top UN official [...]…
With conflict in Yemen grinding on, the health system and economy have collapsed, seriously jeopardizing "people's ability to survive". That's according to the UN Resident Coordinator for the country, Jamie McGoldrick, who is in New York for a high-level event on Yemen, which was held on Friday in the margins of the UN General Assembly. [...]…
World prepares to unite on mercury pollution The global community is set to gather in Geneva to celebrate an historic international agreement that tackles deadly mercury exposure for the first time. Known as the Minamata Convention on Mercury – after the Japanese city that experienced the world's worst poisoning disaster from the heavy metal [...]…
Transport for London says Uber is not "fit and proper" to hold a London private hire operator licence. Also: British PM urges two-year Brexit transition deal and octopuses are surprisingly social.
In an unprecedented personal statement, the North Korean leader said President Trump would 'pay dearly' for a UN speech where he threatened to 'totally destroy' the North if the US was forced to defend itself. Mr Trump responded that the 'madman... will be tested like never before'. But how likely is tough action following this tough talk? Also ...…
Two new super-heroines have been launched recently in comic book form. Pakistan Girl joins her established superhero colleague Pakistan Man, and in Nigeria a character called Ngozi joins Marvel's family of mutant super-beings. Can they make a difference in their neighbourhoods? David Amanor finds out from Halima Umar Sale of BBC Hausa and BBC U ...…
PNG police frustrated by lack of cooperation from villagers over a suspected sorcery killing. And, New Zealand's Maori Party claims of support from the King of Tonga are denied.
The US targets individuals and firms, including banks, that trade with North Korea. Also, the search continues for survivors of the Mexico earthquake, and the French chef who no longer wants his Michelin three stars.
President Trump has signed an executive order which authorises the US treasury to penalise any individuals or institutions in America doing business with North Korea. Meanwhile China has also instructed its banks to stop dealing with Pyongyang.Also in the programme: Rescue efforts continue in central Mexico after a devastating earthquake. And w ...…
The U.S., Turkey, Iran and others want Iraq's Kurds to cancel an independence vote set for Monday. Most Iraqi Kurds want their own country, which could prompt Kurds in other countries to follow suit.
A teacher and school-funder who helped the release of some of the Chibok girls from Boko Haram extremists in Nigeria, has been declared the winner of this year's Nansern Award, sponsored by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Mustapha Zannah has opened schools in the conflict zone of north-east Nigeria, where the Boko Haram group first [...]…
Invest more in policies that support childhood development: UNICEF Governments and the private sector are being urged to support three basic national policies which benefit early childhood development. The call has been made by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) which said only 15 countries worldwide have these policies in place. The measures incl ...…
New UN relief chief relays voices of displaced to world leaders Displaced people in Africa's volatile Lake Chad region have an urgent request to the international community: we need your protection. That's the message the new UN emergency relief coordinator Mark Lowcock is delivering to world leaders meeting in New York at the latest session [...]…
The Phileas Club 94 - Special: WTH is happening in Venezuela? On this episode we talk about: The major political crisis in Venezuela and its historical causes and context Keep informed on Remember you can support a show at More info on the show: The hosts are Saúl González (@esaulg ...…
In a "landmark" resolution, the Security Council established a new team on Thursday to investigate alleged war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by the terrorist group ISIL in Iraq. ISIL, also known as Daesh, overran large areas of Iraq and Syria in 2014, but in the past year it has seen most of [...]…
Displaced people in Africa's volatile Lake Chad region have an urgent request to the international community: we need your protection. That's the message the new UN emergency relief coordinator Mark Lowcock is delivering to world leaders meeting in New York at the latest session of the General Assembly. It's the first time Mr Lowcock is [...]…
Seoul plans to provide $8m through UN programmes aimed at children, pregnant women and improving medical supplies. Also: Mexico has appealed for international help following Tuesday's devastating earthquake and a "stop-smoking" campaign in UK backs e-cigarettes.
Rescuers are racing against the clock to reach survivors trapped under the rubble of a school in Mexico City, which collapsed during Tuesday's earthquake.So far 230 people are known to have died, with at least 21 children and five adults killed under the collapsed primary school.Also in the programme: the role inequality is playing in German el ...…
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - Hurricane Maria, the second maximum-strength storm to hit the Caribbean this month, killed at least one person in Guadeloupe and bore down menacingly on the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Tuesday after devastating the tiny island nation of Dominica. Maria, a rare Category 5 storm at the top end of the five-s ...…
Emergency workers search for survivors after earthquake in Mexico/ The US Federal Reserve begins reversing quantitative easing.
The latest on the recovery efforts in Mexico after Tuesday's earthquake: At least 21 children and five adults have died at a primary school which collapsed in Mexico City. Also on the programme: Puerto Rico feels the full force of Hurricane Maria; and celebration in Iraqi Kurdistan, ahead of next Monday's ballot on whether to break with Baghdad ...…
The problem is that just to the west, a huge slab of the Earth's crust called the Cocos Plate is grinding relentlessly toward North America. And it's running under another slab to the north.
Semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan has had its sights set on independence but, in a time of ever-increasing instability in the region, why now?
The shallow 7.1 magnitude earthquake has caused major damage across states in the centre of the country. Also: hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico and owls hold secret to ageless ears.
Huge earthquake struck central Mexico, killing more than 200 people and toppling dozens of buildings, with death toll rising. Also in the programme: Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico; and Rohingyas who stay behind in Myanmar.(Photo: A rescuers pulls a dog out of the rubble during the search for survivors in Mexico City. Credit: AFP/ ...…
Reuters World News – Spoken Edition
U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York, U.S., September 18, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he believed “we really have a chance” to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
On a special episode of Worldly, Yochi, Jenn, and Vox defense reporter Alex Ward look at Donald Trump’s big first speech to the UN, where the president said the US would “totally destroy” North Korea if war breaks out and hinted that he’d rip up Washington’s nuclear deal with Tehran. The speech was also notable for what it showed about Trump’s ...…
President Trump has urged the world community to confront those he called the wicked few. He told the UN that nations must stand up to North Korea, Iran and extreme Islamist groups such as IS.Also in the programme: A former Burmese colonel gives his view of the situation in Myanmar; and the invention of robotic muscle.(Photo: President Trump ad ...…
Prolonged shaking sent thousands running into the streets of the capital for safety. Also: President Trump condemns Iran and North Korea at the UN, and we hear about a new softer robot with far ranging possibilities
Nobel laureate and de facto head of Myanmar's government Aung San Suu Kyi Tuesday addressed the Rohingya crisis for the first time since hundreds of thousands began fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh.
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