“I am a Juice Journeyman!” Serial Game Design, Video Game Juice (with Lane Davis)

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A roundtable episode in disguise! Game designer/developer and friend of the show, Lane Davis, enters the clubhouse to guest host an episode where the topics are all his! Lane brings some friendly debate (and shockingly accurate calendar math) to the show, in his continuing quest to make Nice Games Club just a little bit less nice. Yet he somehow manages to say some of the nicest things anyone has ever said on the program. Discuss this week's episode on Reddit using this thread in r/gamedev! Links Escape Industries Lane isn’t on Twitter, but you can email him! Our previous episode featuring Lane [0:03:05] Serial Game Design “Edmund McMillen's ‘Basement Collection’ Shows Off his Early Work” - Complex “Understanding Design Space” - Damion Schubert, Zen of Design “Trying to Make Idea-Rich Games” - Jonathan Blow, NYU Game Center “Too many ideas and projects. How do I choose one and stick with it?” - SavantButDeadly, Reddit Alex Carlson, Game Designer One Game a Month [0:14:57] Changing your mind as a game developer “Why Criticism Is Important to Game Development” - A.J. Maciejewski Story Forge “Why I want you to steal my ideas” - Seth Godin, TED Ideas “Game Design: the Poisonous ‘Not Invented Here’ syndrome” - YouTube “Scoping for Game Jams” - Carolyn VanEseltine [0:31:19] Starting your next project “It’s ok to pull the plug on your game” - Ivan Jakubi “Writing Reusable Code” - Noel Llopis [0:35:18] Video Game Juice “Facebook Study Finds Introverts Feel More Comfortable with VR Social Interaction” - Dominic Brennan “Squeezing more juice out of your game design!” - Nathan Lovato “Juice it or Loose it” - Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho, GDC “Hollow Knight - Let’s Play Walkthough Commentary” - 123Pazu, YouTube

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